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  • Where did you find the bus?
    Jason and Blair took a walk aroud a antique junk yard in Northern Colorado and fell instantly in love with the little bus.
  • Did you chop off the engine block?
    Nope, the bus was sitting in a junk yard in Colorado when we found it. The origional owner was using the body to hold the old seats and transmissions.
  • Why do ya'll call him Wayne?
    We believe it is a Ford 1954 Wayne School Bus. Wayne Works was bought out by Ford shortly before Wayne Works School Busses was to closed thier doors. Ford honored the long time bus manifacturer by having a line of busses in their name.
  • How large is your foot print?
    112 sq ft - 8ft wide X14ft long and growing rapidly. We hope to go no more than 250 sq ft.
  • Do you have any pets or children?
    We have 2 beautiful fur babies, Jd and Kira. No human children for now as we are enjoying each other at the moment.
  • How do you shower?
    We will have a bathtub on the bus with us, stay tuned for photos from the install!
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